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Step by Step

Whew…here we go. New semester. First day of classes. Even starting my fourth year in this faculty position, I still feel nervous at the start of the year. Butterflies in my stomach kind of nervous. I worked with my writing … Continue reading

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Soothing My Soul Amidst the Swirling

This past week found me mostly unplugged due to being in San Diego for a professional conference. I shouldn’t have been that unplugged, however, my ancient (and extremely heavy) laptop was incompatible with the free internet in my hotel room. … Continue reading

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During this past week, as summer dwindles down and the pull of the upcoming academic year is getting stronger, I’ve been working on a “for-fun” writing project that has stemmed from a workshop that I asked (maybe even begged) a … Continue reading

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It being early in my photography journey, I haven’t done much manipulation or post-production on my photos. And by “much,” I mean any. I don’t know a lick about Photoshop, Lightroom, or iPhoto, with the exception of their names and … Continue reading

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Sorry–I was Trying to Focus on “What Matters”

Perhaps I didn’t choose the best time to start my blog. After all, I wrote and published the first post, and then ditched town on vacation without a computer or internet access. I realize that a week and half between … Continue reading

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