Step by Step

Path in the artist community at Balboa Park, San Diego

Whew…here we go. New semester. First day of classes. Even starting my fourth year in this faculty position, I still feel nervous at the start of the year. Butterflies in my stomach kind of nervous. I worked with my writing buddy (like a workout buddy–someone to keep you accountable) yesterday on getting a handle on all that is on my plate in terms of papers and book chapters I need to write. The list is quite ambitious to say the least. And although prioritizing which papers I will tackle first and which will wait until October/November helped reign the work in some, I still feel overwhelmed. So today, I’m reminding myself to take it step by step.


About Meghan

Love Warrior. Psychologist. Photographer. Writer. Yogi. Gypsy. Lover of Polaroid, film, and digital.
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4 Responses to Step by Step

  1. I’m at a totally different place, but also embracing the lesson today to take it step by step and day by day (even hour by hour, at some points).

  2. Tiffany Hogan says:

    the picture fits this post – I feel ya Meghan!

  3. Tanya says:

    You’ll get it done, Meghan, I have faith in you! I was pretty good at list-making when I worked outside the home, and it’s something I need to revisit. Looking forward to seeing more SD photos!

  4. Erika says:

    The intentionality you are accessing is inspiring. One moment at a time. I’m with you, it’s the only way to get it done.

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