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The Perfect Protest

I simply adore Brene Brown and of her work on authenticity, vulnerability, and courage. In light of her newest book being released, The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene launched a Perfect Protest. As someone working on detangling herself from the web … Continue reading

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Seeking and Fostering Community

Since coming home from Squam Art Workshops, I’ve been thinking alot about community. I think that’s what makes Squam so magical–the community of creative and caring souls, all in one place, wanting the best for each other and themselves, yearning … Continue reading

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Listening to the Reverberations

I’ve been home from Squam for 5 days now and the re-entering into “reality” has been tough going. The shift from such a tranquil and creative space filled with open arms and care for the soul, to a space consumed … Continue reading

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Holding It Close

I’m back from my time at Camp–Squam Art Workshops–and I’m filled with gratitude, inspiration, and warmth. I felt so beautifully invited into all that Squam is from the moment I arrived. Yes, the lake and scenery is breathtaking and enveloping … Continue reading

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Heading to Camp!

As a kid, I always wanted to go to sleep-away camp. And as an adult, I’m still looking for the opportunity. This week, I’m going to do just that. It might not be a full week, and it might not … Continue reading

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On Second Thoughts and Comparisons

My Photography II course came to a close Tuesday night, and overall, it was a great ending to the class (albeit a sad one as I miss it already). As I wrote last time, our assignment was to go through … Continue reading

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Man vs. Nature?

The last class for my Photography II course is tomorrow. These past 9 weeks have flown by and I’m sad the class is ending. Of course, I am registered for Photo III, but I’ve got to wait 5 weeks until … Continue reading

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