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I’ve been under the weather since Thanksgiving. My head feels cloudy and I can’t quite formulate many words just now. I’m channeling positive energy, “I am healthy.” While I’m de-fogging my brain, I wanted to share my new fondness. I’m … Continue reading

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Let the Scanning Begin

Woo hoo!! I finally ordered a photo scanner for my Polaroids and Dianas, and it arrived from B&H yesterday. After getting the schedule together for when each dish has to go in the oven for today’s holiday smorgasbord, I had … Continue reading

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The Reveal

I’m ready. Although I just recently wrote that I have a secret, I’ve been holding it and thinking about sharing it with you for quite a while now. And it’s time. Like I revealed in my last post, this is … Continue reading

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A Secret

Have you ever held onto a secret that’s your own? Not something that someone else shared with you in confidence, but a secret that is all yours. I’ve been holding onto a secret for a little while now. It’s something … Continue reading

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My experiences over the last week can best be described with this simple equation:      NYC = fabulous. My trip was amazing, both professionally and personally. Each person I met was incredible, each opportunity I got to reconnect with someone in … Continue reading

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Off to NYC

I’m off. To NYC. I *love* New York. LOVE it. I’m super excited about this trip and also a bit nervous. The nervousness is due to the primary reason I’m heading to NYC. A little back-story…I’ve admired the work of … Continue reading

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Jumping into the Frame

Vivienne McMaster is a fabulous photographer who takes amazing self-portraits. Her photos are full of whimsy and seem to capture so much of her personality. And they are simply gorgeous. I have never met Vivienne in person, yet I feel … Continue reading

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