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On Friday, I’ll be hosting the Opening Reception for my 2nd photography show. I’m over the moon about the opportunity to exhibit at an amazing local bookstore ~ Indigo Bridge Books ~ here in Lincoln. This will be my first … Continue reading

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April Showers…

It’s been a wet, cold, and dreary April here in Nebraska. It’s contributed to some low moods and a rather *meh* birthday weekend. And although one of my most cherished places on earth ~ Oregon! ~ is a rather rainy … Continue reading

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To Be An “Artist”

I have always wanted to be an artist. Most of my life, my friends, my partners, and people whom I admired and learned from have been artists. But I never felt like I was an “artist.” Remember, I was the … Continue reading

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Because We All Need a Little Good News

I’m having a low week. Not sure if it’s the final let-down of coming off the JOY retreat and seriously returning to “real life,” or if it’s the crunch of the end of the semester, or if it’s other matters … Continue reading

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Instant Joy

The lovely and incredibly talented Andrea Jenkins of Hula Seventy taught an Instant Joy class all about Polaroid and instant photography at the Joy Retreat. I’ve been a long admirer of Andrea and her amazing Polaroid photography, and she’s a … Continue reading

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Filled with Joy

When I last posted, I was running on empty. I was stressed and feeling low ~ generally worn out. I desperately needed a break, yet felt guilty about taking one. Despite working hard for three solid months, I still had … Continue reading

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