Instant Joy

The lovely and incredibly talented Andrea Jenkins of Hula Seventy taught an Instant Joy class all about Polaroid and instant photography at the Joy Retreat. I’ve been a long admirer of Andrea and her amazing Polaroid photography, and she’s a primary reason I signed up to attend the retreat as quickly as I could. I was so excited to learn from her, and folks, Andrea does not disappoint! I had an incredible time soaking in all that she had to share. Here are a few shots from the retreat and this weekend.

These first two were shot at the retreat (note that Oregon coast ~ *sigh*) with my Spectra and expired Polaroid Image film. This next one of our group’s collection of photos was shot with my SX-70 using the Impossible Project PX 600 Silver Shade UV+. This film is pretty finicky in my SX-70 and is coming out really over-exposed.

I shot these two this weekend using my SX-70 and a ND filter, but they’re still kinda fried.

I’m a bit disappointed in my B&Ws with the Silver Shade. I think they would have been pretty nice had they been better exposed. But live to shoot another day and I’m incredibly grateful that the Impossible Project is working hard to make film for Polaroid lovers.

A shout-out to Ward for all his help with trouble-shooting my scanning issues. Thanks to him, I can now share many more of my Polaroids. Woot!


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One Response to Instant Joy

  1. ummmm… i think these look magnificent just they way they are! i would die to get roids looking like this… a faint beauty… i love em!!!!!!! seriously… awesome

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