Life Refocused is about reframing my life from a primary emphasis on my career, academic achievements, and external, socialized markers of success to focusing on my journey of becoming a photographer, exploring a creative life, and dwelling in “what really matters.” I’m a lover of polaroid, lomography, ttv, and digital photography. I’m also playing in mixed media and art journaling.


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  1. Roger Hille says:


    I connected with your blog via a YBB post. I was immediately drawn in by the challenge you’ve created. You are clearly possessed of courage to share this journey, in addition to the creative gifts you demonstrate as a photographer. I do not know you, yet I know that you are perfectly created just as you are. As you continue to explore this creative path may you affirm those thoughts that reflect who you truly are—your highest self, and let go of the other thoughts that are not aligned with your best self—as they are “not like” who you truly are. The subconscious mind always works to align reality with dominant thought. You are creating a life every day, and yes, it takes practice.

    We are all lives in progress. I look forward to following your journey. It is inspiring.



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